Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I could have flown to Rome

Yesterday was one of those hectic days that I dread so much.

It started off with me getting my papers in order for my doctor appointment. In order to manage my illness I keep logs and journals of my day to day life. My mood log contains things like sun/rain, time to bed, time I get up, hours of sleep, mood rating, extra medications taken, etc. Each day is just one line so it is easy to fill out, and easy to review with my doctor. I also review my journal and with data from the two of them I make a list of things that I want to discuss. It helps to make the most of my appointment.

After my appointment it was time for the eye doctor. I finally decided that I was fed up not being able to see. It was time for progressive lenses, there was just no more denying it…

After that we popped into the department store where dresses were on sale. I needed a new dress for our niece Laura’s wedding this summer, and found a nice one.

Costco was next on the agenda – lots of fruits and vegetables filled up our cart. For once, we purchased mostly food, just a CO detector broke the trend.

Now it was time to race home to pickup the dogs for a heartworm clinic. They were happy to jump into the truck, but perhaps not as happy to go to the vet. They were good though, and all together, after waiting our turn, we were only there for 45 minutes or so. The shocking part came when we paid the bill… YIKES! I could have almost flown to Rome (on the off season, and of course I’m exaggerating greatly!) … We normally purchase the heartworm meds and flea/tick drops a month or two at a time, which spreads the pain. Seeing six months all totalled out was a bit shocking. But since we don’t want fleas in the house, nor ticks with the possibility of Lyme disease…

It was after 7pm, and we were starving, but first we had to get another set of new batteries for the truck remote! Finally off to the shwarma place we went for takeout. I’m not exaggerating (much) when I say that once we were home and all the beasts other than us were fed, we fell onto the sofa with shwarma and beer. Whew!

It might not seem like a busy day to some people, but for me it was a marathon!

Today was less hectic, but still no lazing around for me – poodles got a hair cut and a bath. Gruelling for my back.


“I don't envy "busy." Busy means having a schedule, not living life. What I really covet is leisure and peace of mind. Those who have both, have it all.” 
~ Donna Lynn Hope