Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Orange you glad to see me

The pitter patter of rain on the roof of the camper is threatening to send me to la la land. It isn't a far trip though as I have been desperately tired for the last several days. I'm hoping that a few days of camping (our first for the year!), will fix me up.

We've had beautiful weather the last several days, even though rain was forecast for most of them. No such luck for today - we did our final prep, the drive, and the entire setup in the rain.

This morning, (hours before we were due to depart), Carm made the mistake of mentioning to the dogs that we were going camping. They leapt about in joy, only to be disappointed as we waited (fruitlessly) for the rain to abate. When I finally got their "camping collars" out, they went crazy, except when it was their turn to get the collar buckled on, then they stood still, stamping their feet in anticipation. I'm pretty sure they were disappointed to be hustled right into the camper without a walk, except Kabira, who asked for her warm outfit just about right away!

Grace was also ready to go. She was on my hand in a flash and ducking into her carrier for the ride, muttering all the way to the truck. The whole family was anxious to get going.

With my head full of cotton wool I was happy to have checklists from last year to refer to. I'm working on a "template" checklist to store in Google tasks - I'm tired of using the one I have in Excel. My bliss.

A flash of orange caught my attention a few days ago. I looked out the window and there was a pair of Orieles on the tree just outside the window. The male was a brilliant tangerine, his mate a more subdued shade of the same colour. Spectacular! As I have gone about my  days I catch sight of them occasionally, although they do seem shy. I doubt that they will stick around  - oh... I just had a memory of Renee, a friend that visited last fall, commenting on nests she thought were Oriele nests, so maybe we'll see more of them!