Monday, August 18, 2014

A break in the weather


I'm sitting outside with the sun warming my legs, and the sound of water lapping up the shore. There is no wind, just a slight breeze, and it is reasonably quiet. A lovely Monday morning, such a contrast to the last 6 days!


Friday we went for a drive, westward, along the shore of Lake Ontario. It was nice to be in the truck, sheltered from the wind and cold, and nice to get out of the camper for a few hours. Almost as soon as we got back to the camp it started raining again - what crazy August weather. I feel like I've woken up from a coma and have found myself in October…


Saturday was "house" cleaning day - a whirlwind of washing and wiping got us ready for our weekend guest. Deirdre arrived in good time, but unfortunately for her, soon after her arrival it started raining, and continued raining until Sunday morning. We were cosy inside with the fireplace burning. Deirdre is a die hard tenter, but I think she enjoyed luxury camping for a night!


We watched 'Saving Mr. Banks', which I thought was an excellent movie with good acting. Being a Disney movie there were messages and lessons in nearly every scene, but the one that particularly struck me was Mr. Disney talking about how it should be the goal of storytellers to bring hope. I thought back to the stories that I've written so far, and for the most part they have been hopeless. While hopeless makes for a more interesting ending (I think), perhaps I can re-write some… But then again I'm not Mr. Disney…


Sunday was not too bad so after going out for breakfast, we bundled up under blankets and enjoyed the out of doors as best we could. The day flashed by - it wasn't long before supper was done and Deirdre was on her way. It was a good visit!




Today we got pumped out, which if you are an RV'er staying at a non-full-service site for longer than a week you will know our excitement to have the honey wagon visit, rather than packing everything up and going to the dump station ourselves!

(p.s. still got that peaceful, easy feeling!)

“That’s what story tellers do.  We restore order to imagination.  We bring hope.” ~Saving Mr. Banks