Thursday, August 14, 2014

Canadian, eh!

Tuesday we huddled inside the camper for the morning, sheltered from the wind and rain. By noon the rain had let up, so we headed into Brighton for some groceries… and lunch at Captain George's, the local fish and chips eatery. We had our monthly fat intake quota in one meal, and I'm pretty sure we'll be back there at least one more time on this trip. Good though.

There are two decent grocery stores in town, including a No Frills with great prices and selection. Hard to do much grocery shopping after have stuffed ourselves silly on fish and french fries, but I did pick up Rachel's buttertarts, and hotdogs… oh my, we'd better do some serious walking... Presqu'ile is the only place we eat hotdogs, for some reason they taste better here.

By the time we got back, the wind had died down somewhat and there were even a few blue spots in the sky. We put away the groceries and leashed up the dogs for a walk. They were happy to be out, and so were we!


I had made up my mind to go swimming today - no matter what. So, as soon as the dogs were back in the trailer, I got into my suit and walked down to the shore. Waves crashed, splashing me with cold water. But I was determined, so true to my Canadian/Norwegian heritage, I waded in. I didn't go in very deep, not even hip level, and just crouched down and let the waves crash over my head. I think the people walking by thought I was crazy, and I agree - good crazy!


Wednesday the weather wasn't much better, although thankfully we didn't get the torrents of rain that were forecast. I think the weather skirted around us, probably blown north from the wicked winds that pummelled us. We went for a long walk, some of which was along the shore, and some sheltered from the winds by trees. It is a much different camping experience inland… There was no swimming yesterday - not only were the waves vicious, they had scoured the bottom of the lake and were green with algae - yuck. No one on the lakeshore sites were sitting outside, and we didn't either. It is days like these that make us grateful for space to move in the trailer.


Thursday was mostly overcast. First thing in the morning I took the dogs out for 20-30 minutes of walk. We were all happy to get back to the camper where Carm had the little fireplace burning - Kabira was lying in front of the fire as soon as she had her breakfast.

Grey skies, cold temps, chance of rain and moderate winds prompted us to go for a drive. We all piled into the truck and headed for Trenton… the long way through Belleville. Once we got to Trenton we stopped at the used bookstore, and then headed for the dog park. Bella and Spike were excited to be there - Kabira no so much. We picked up some groceries (I don't know why we needed anything at the grocery store - we've been eating out constantly…). We got everything unloaded from the truck and had just shut the camper door when the rain started. Good timing!
Tea in front of the fire rounded off our afternoon. Decadent!

The weather is supposed to get back to summer Friday or Saturday…