Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paradise Regained


Early morning sun dappled the road as we strode out on our walk. It was peaceful, the only sounds to be heard were the click of dog nails on the asphalt, and an occasional chippie. The dogs and I were up early again - I wanted to get our walk done before the other campers woke up. The campground is full to the brim this weekend, and with hundreds of bikes and pedestrians about it is more peaceful to walk early. Part of our trek was through a towering forest with leaves that filtered the bright sun; I stopped and gathered up the dogs while I juggled my camera out of its bag. I wanted to capture the moment to revisit sometime during the long winter that is surely on its way.


Our turn around point was just outside the campsite area, and into the day use part of the park. That’s where we normally do our walk, parking at one end, and walking down the edge of the lake to the other end and back. Today though, it was just a brief resting point beside the quiet water, before heading back into the trees.


Since this is a provincial park, there are no water taps at each site, so today was the day that Carm had to heft 30 gallons of water to refresh our tank. It was no mean feat carrying all that water and then balancing the heavy 6 gallon (US) jug on his head. The water inlet is high on this trailer - someday a small pump will be needed to do the transfer, but for now Carm is my strongman.


Sparkling water tempted us into our bathing suits and down into the lake. The cool caress of the water soon had us refreshed and ready for some reading.  Luckily we had taken our swim when we did as hoards of kids from the trailer next door ran screaming into the water while the water was still drying on our skin. I counted 9 small kids. They seemed to have great fun, along with their barking dog who tried to visit with our dogs a few times (and bark at them). My pack had to spend some time inside as a dog barking at them from just the other side of the fence was too much.

It was a nice day though, so please don't think I'm complaining! Besides which, the noisy part lasted less than an hour. In fact, I wrote much of this post with the glitter of water catching my eye, and the gentle sound of waves lapping at the stones along the shore. 

A true sign of a nice day is when Kabira wants to come outside! She’s normally much happier in her cosy bed without flies bothering her.


Presqu’ile: When it is nice it is very very nice, but when it is bad it is horrid!

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