Friday, August 22, 2014

Weather report - long and boring

Grace has been keeping us amused during these long, crummy weather days. Recently she has made up a new nickname for Kabira, whose name she knows well. Kabirdy, Kabirdy, Kabirdy is a constant chorus.

Wednesday morning, the dogs gnawed on bones, while we watched, bundled in blankets and sweaters. Although it wasn't very windy out, with the temp around 23C, it didn't take much breeze to make us freeze. Eventually a light rain drove us inside for the rest of the day. We've only had one hot day since arriving 10 nights ago, and I don't see any in the forecast. This has been a terrible summer!

I did a big bone head Wednesday - we were heading out for the lighthouse walk, which means getting into the truck, when I stupidly decided to clip dog nails. Spike worked out okay, but then I cut two of Bella's too short, causing them to bleed, and bleed, and bleed. No walk for us, and even in the evening there were intermittent spots of blood. Poor dear.

Wednesday I posted the last episode of Spike's Alberta Adventure. One of these days when I'm bored, I'll edit the date in all of the posts so that they display first to last, rather than last to first.

The weather on Thursday didn't look like it would be much better, but turned out to be pretty much okay. We went for a long walk, tripped to the grocery store, then spent the afternoon with friends that we made here 2 years ago. It is a funny thing about meeting people and getting to know them for a brief period, then years later when you see them again it is as if you've known them for ages. Time sometimes plays weird tricks on the brain!


Drum roll…. it is Friday and there is Sun! I've been in swimming twice already (and may go for a third time later).

I thought I would download photos from my camera and do a proper post, but I can't drag myself inside to do it. Can't waste a moment of summer…