Saturday, August 23, 2014

Today’s Laundry for Tomorrow’s Sun

I'm glad I took advantage of every last minute of yesterday's sun - today it is grey and cool, with a slight breeze. I was up at 6:30 (bother), so decided to take the dogs for a long walk. We were out close for an hour, and explored a new route. I like walking at that time of day - it is peaceful with just the odd chippie for distraction.

The rolling waves of cool water beckoned to me when I got back, but since Carm was still asleep I decided to play it safe (I have a very strong safety gene thanks to my dad!). So I went back to bed, hoping for a bit more sleep, and that I'd wake up to sun. The sleep happened, but not the sun.


There was a sailboat race out on the lake this afternoon. It was too far for me get a good look (I did take photos though, just in case), but close enough to inspire me to get back to the story I've been writing about a sailing race our family participated in oh, so many years ago.


Which brings me to now - we decided that since the next few days are supposed to be hot and sunny (fingers crossed/not betting on it), we'd get the laundry done. We stuffed all our clothes and sheets into Mega Load, a giant machine that dominates the row of little white washers, and now I wait, watching the clothes create a moving Picasso painting in the porthole.


Last night we treated ourselves to ribs at the local sports bar. They weren't fall off the bone tender, but my preferred style - rip the meat off the bone with your teeth. The slightly smoky meat wasn't overwhelmed by bbq sauce, just nicely brushed. Still got sticky fingers though! Stuffed like pigs, we managed to save some 1/2 eaten ribs and a few fries for Grace, who was much appreciative. She's a carnivore too ;-)


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. ~Pablo Picasso