Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Bird Were Flying Backwards

The weather today (Tuesday) is wild. The wind started around midnight - weather network says gusts of 37km per hour, but I'm thinking that right on the lake it might higher. The rain didn't start until 2am and has been intermittent.

We've been watching the cormorants trying to fly into the wind on their search for food - they are flying backward at times. Poor things just trying to get a meal.


The camper has been shaking like a carnival ride - it is a little disconcerting thinking about the two skinny little front legs holding us up.

To close off the bottom of the camper we have sheets of white coroplast (plastic corrugated "cardboard") - it is pretty tough stuff, but I'm not sure it will hold up to this stress.

Getting the dogs outside this morning was an adventure. Kabira had to be literally dragged out, Bella and Spike were not much keener. I needed help from Carm to work the door and the dogs. The wind was blowing the rain straight into the camper at a ferocious rate - the walls had to be dried! I will admit to breaking my rule about no peeing on a campsite - with the rain coming sideways at us there was no way we were walking the 2 or 3 minutes to the parking lot!

Luckily an hour later the rain let up for long enough to do the business walk; just as the dogs got back inside the rain started. Good timing!

We've experienced this weather at Presqu'ile almost every visit so know what to expect and put everything that we could away. Others were  not so lucky. I noticed a few tents coming into a site a few down from us. At 3am last night I could see flashlights madly flashing around their site. This morning their tents were gone, so I suspect the people spent the night in their car. The neighbours on our door side left their screen tent up - it is now in tatters.

Wild weather!

There was sad news today about Robin Williams. The news hasn’t mentioned that he was bipolar, but sources such as the magazine BPHope have claimed he was. Most people don’t know that the suicide rate for those affected by bipolar is about 20%. I think some good will come of his death as talk about depression may now become mainstream.