Monday, December 1, 2014

an elephant by the hind legs

The dogs were surprised, and perhaps a little freaked out to see the contents of our bedroom moved into the living room. Our king size bed looms, and the detritus from bedside tables and dressers litter the room. The floor installers come next Monday, so the plan is in motion…


Once the contents were disbursed around the house, we got to work pulling up the old carpet… it came up easily, and the nailing strips were a breeze… but… I don’t know if you know this, but the carpet for a 14.5x15.5’ room weighs about as much as an elephant and is almost as awkward to move. Seriously though, we rolled it up as best we could (which was basically just folding it), then carefully dragged it down the newly painted hallway and into the living room.


We hadn’t really decided what to do with it at that point and vaguely thought we’d bring it to the basement. But HOLD THE BOAT!!! We don’t want a stinky 20 year old carpet down there! So we dragged it out onto the back deck, and rolled it up properly, then with muscles bulging under the strain we staggered down to the barn. We’ll deal with it another day (and probably take it to the dump as I don’t think it would ever compost, and is probably too dangerous to burn). My arms and legs are like rubber and my back is strained, but the hardest part of the job is done.

We have more prep work to do on Wednesday, then on Friday the paint cans will be moved back upstairs. I like the paint colour in the bathrooms and hallways, but I’m having second thoughts on using the same paint in the bedroom… it is just so, well, beige. I’m thinking of harassing Carm into getting a few more cans of paint… I’d go for a green that is similar to the living room, but deeper for that feeling of shady forest glen, rather than the harsh Sahara desert. But maybe I’m just being fussy.

Before we got to work, I spent some time getting my iTunes up to date – I found an app for android that will let me sync with my pc iTunes, including playlists – I thought that this would be an excellent idea. Wrong. I was quickly reminded why I dislike iTunes mightily… first multiple copies of each song were found everywhere – WTF – I spent days cleaning that up last year… then! it couldn’t find any copies of some of my music at all.

Frustrated and maybe just a bit pissed off (yes), I found instructions on the apple site to fix this up. Oh yea, it fixed it up all right, and removed all my playlists. There was no indication, but the instructions were for an earlier version, and I am s!&t out of luck. 

The whole music thing is very frustrating. I have an iPod that of course uses iTunes; I have a Zen that uses it’s own software that hasn’t had an update in eons and doesn’t work very will with Windows 7; I have my PC which has lots of software options; I have my Android tablet that also includes many software options; and I was thinking of pressing Carm’s old playbook which has limited options, but does have an app that might sync with iTunes.  So iTunes was going to be my go-to app, but over the years I have had so many “opportunities” with it…


When you have got an elephant by the hind legs and he is trying to run away, it's best to let him run. ~Abraham Lincoln