Monday, December 22, 2014

Home theatre

Sunday the grey clouds moved back in sapping my energy once again. That was okay though as I had a movie day planned. By early afternoon I was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa and watching old movies the same colour as the clouds.


The first movie was about a bull terrier and was filmed in the early 50s. It was interesting to see how much the breed has changed since then. If ever there was an example of how selective breeding can wreck a breed, this is one. What was once an athletic breed has been changed into a cobby dog with a head like an enlarged splitting wedge.

After the dogs, the movies turned to Christmas themes and included 'Christmas in Connecticut' and then 'Holiday Affair' with Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum in another romantic comedy set at Christmas time. These were mindless, but entertaining.

The next movie was the more dramatic 'The Legend of [Lylah Clare]('. There was some thinking involved.

Believe it or not, TV viewing didn't stop there but continued with some Disney footage and finally ended with a few episodes of Dr. Who. My mind has been turned to mush! I rarely watch that much TV but it was nice to have a totally brain numbing day!

Oh, I did do one thing - the poodles got their faces clipped, which spread hair over much of the house - how the HECK can just their faces create a hurricane of hair? I've been toying with the idea of getting a small cordless vacuum to keep up with the dust bunnies. Do any of you have one? What brand would you recommend. Carm is reluctant as he figures it would only last a few years - I think it would be worth it!


I have to take a moment to thank Merikay for the lovely comment she left on yesterday's post - it left me grinning for the rest of the day ;-)

Lylah Clare: Do you really believe that you have a licence to ask any dirty question that slimes into that snake's nest between your ears? And nobody challenges you. Why? Because they are gentleman? [guttural laugh]