Monday, December 8, 2014

Phase 2 mostly done!

The floor got installed today!!! This is the milestone around which everything pivoted so I can breath a sigh of relief. I can live with a living room full of stuff now if I have to ;-) but since we got busy installing and painting the quarter round the moment the installers left, we should be sleeping in our own room tomorrow night!

The installers arrived right at the strike of 8am (we were ready, having set the alarm clock). The dogs were "relaxing" (not) in the spare bedroom as Flavio and his son Renzo, whistled as they worked.  It was a noisy process which involved much clattering and smashing, nailing and whacking. Plus the compresser ran full bore occasionally. I was slightly worried about our paint, and to say the dogs were freaked out by all the commotion would be an understatement, although they did settle down for a nap when I joined them for a bit - I ended up grabbing my tablet and sitting with them in the bedroom. Carm was underfoot like he normally is where there is a tradesman in the house.

Carm saw an ermine outside the basement patio door this morning! It must be a good sign.

So, as we sit here tonight, there is no more painting or nailing, or other such work left to be done (until phase 3... but lets not go there just yet).  I've been stuffing (carefully arranging) the odd bit into the closet - but the big question is: will I be able to sleep tonight?!

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  1. Photos please! I want to see what the room looks like BEFORE you put the furniture back.