Thursday, December 4, 2014

It is just a lamp (or is it?)

We take one step forward tomorrow - some strangely coloured green with a hint blue paint will be slapped on the bedroom walls. We did have a few gallons of the yellow/beige already purchased, but I just couldn't bear the thought of a beige bedroom. It's fine in the bathrooms and halls, but we wanted something with more. I stood in Home Depot with a few small fabric swatches in one hand, and paint swatches in the other. How to decide so quickly? In the end I went with what Carm and the paint guy liked… nothing like switching the blame!

Today was our last writing group meeting for the year. We'll have a pot luck for lunch at one of the ladies next week, then that's it until January. I didn't have anything specifically written for today - I'd half started on a story about Spike, then worked on another short story, but neither were finished, and I didn't want to rush them, so I read "Green Fields". One lady had to leave the room, but everyone else stuck it out - there were no tears shed, but I did get some positive feedback, as well as pointers about where I needed a bit more detail. Very helpful!

Yesterday we got the rest of the prep done for the floor & painting. It was good to be so busy all day as my new tablet came in the mail! I plugged it in for its 8 hour charge - by the time it was finished it was almost bedtime so I only got to play with it a bit. Sadly, I kept getting "unfortunately the launcher has failed" messages when adding a widget - I wasn't a happy camper. Luckily there's an app for that! So this afternoon I curled up on the sofa (in the sun) and got to work setting up my new friend. I still have much to do, but figure I should aim for the apps I use all the time, and gradually install as I need. But then again, I do want to make sure all my data has been transfered. FYI the google backup on my original tablet transfered most apps automatically, but not all data - photos and things like that have transfered - time to get my SD card out!

hummmmm…. I wonder if I can connect the 2 tablets together with a usb cable?

As I look over at my old tablet I feel a little pang - it has been by my side for almost 4 years. It got me through my first months of retirement, entertained me on the airplane when I was going to NZ, posted blogs and photos of my trip every day, came with us on our journey west. I wrote my first short story on it this past summer, and close to a thousand blog posts before that. I wonder how many words have been typed out in its keyboard. The writing on some of the keys is worn out. I have a few uses in mind for it for the future. And after all, like in the Ikea commercial a few years back with the lamp sitting at the side of the road in the rain - it is just a lamp.