Saturday, December 19, 2015

mind-numbing afternoon

A faint dusting of snow caressed the grass this morning. It wasn't much, it was like someone had taken a box of baby powder and give it a light shake. We've been lucky so far this year - there have only been a few mornings like this and none needed snowboots. In fact, the temperatures have been well above freezing so what precipitation we do get is wet. The sun has been noticeably absent. With thick cloud cover every day it is easy to slip into a funk, but through some good luck and the right activities I have avoided that pitfall.

Geese have still been flying overhead, huge flocks of them.

It looks like we'll have a green Christmas which won't have me crying in my eggnog. I'll be rejoicing the dry roads as we do all our holiday driving!

I got the second and third Christmas presents the other day. They came in a box from Amazon that UPS had wrapped in a plastic bag and tossed over the gate. It was raining. By the time we figured out they were there the box inside the bag was soaked and so were my books. Hummm. I unpacked them and set them to dry, first taking photos of the packaging just in case they didn't dry well. It took some patience, but I think they are okay. I've got them stacked on my desk but won't crack the cover until Christmas day. "How Not to Die" and "On Writing Well" will keep me occupied into the New Year.

I spent my Saturday afternoon lazing around on the sofa with Christmas movies playing. None of the good ones, just mind-numbing mumbo jumbo. I don't think that any of them had Santa's stamp of approval.

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”  ~Charles Dickens

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