Tuesday, December 29, 2015

remember you will be with me

We are socked in with snow as the first snowstorm of the season bears down on us. The wind is up a bit so the snow is drifting like a lace curtain past the window. It looks cold... brrrrr! It will soon be time to take the dogs out again, but I'll bundle up in my new parka and pull the hood over my head. It will be the maiden voyage for the puffy garment. Do you ever get something new and hope to never have to use it? That's how I felt buying my big down parka a month ago on that rainy Black Friday... (later: it was like slipping into the middle of a teddy bear with dense down padding me all around.)

We had supper last night at my mom & dads. Our family, plus my sister's husband, Shawn, and his sister, Kenda, joined together for a merry feast of turkey and all the fixings. My mom is the queen of making delicious dinners and handles a crowd in stride. I get stressed out if we are more than just Carm and I. It was wonderful to all gather around the large table and have the conversation flow, although it flowed more voraciously for some people.

Quiet descended as plates of food were placed on the table and everyone picked up their forks. Turkey and stuffing were accompanied by mashed potatoes, turnip, brussels sprouts and green beans. The gravy was a silky sheet over everything. Slowly, as people's gnawing hunger was appeased, the conversation resumed. A few people slipped from the table to load their plates up again - it would be a long time till the next turkey dinner and they wanted to get their fill. When the plates were all empty, except for a few green beans on one, and small scraps of turkey for the dog on the others, they leaned back in their chairs and looked around smiling at the blessed gathering. In everyone's head was the wish that 6 more people were crowded around.

Carm was in and out of the garage this afternoon trying to get the snowblower running. It wasn't even coughing… He tried removing and cleaning the spark plug to no avail. Desperate, he called the place we purchased it and they suggested removing the spark plug and putting a capful of fresh gas in the reservoir. It was a struggle with the spark plug again, and then voila! A throaty roar echoed in the garage. Verging on glee, Carm wheeled the snarling beast out into the white winterland and like an arctic dragon, white snow blew out its snout.

We had around 30cm (12in) snow by the end of the day! Can't pretend we are in Vancouver any more :-(

I may not always be with you
But when we're far apart
Remember you will be with me
Right inside my heart
~Marc Wambolt