Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday pursuits

It was sunny again today! (with the ever present wind flailing).

After a slow start (for me - gosh there are days that I stay in bed late), we drove to a little 9 hole golf course that is for sale down the road. The real estate agent took us for a tramp around the course which was lovely. Huge, beautiful trees that I don’t know the name of, towered above us while flax and other bushes grew closer to the ground. Kirsten and I could imagine the girls galloping through the picturesque open fields.

I say picturesque, but as a golf course it was no great hell. It was more like pasture land, albeit lush with short grass filled in with clover, but I can’t imagine Carm wanting to do more than one round here.

After we had done our tour, the flat part anyway, Kirsten and I went down the Takarau gorge road to pick up Shenna. I must have been asleep the first time we drove down it as I hadn’t remembered what an amusement park ride it was. The pictures give a bit of an idea but don’t convey the anxious moments going around the one lane curves. In many places each car has to carefully inch off the road before they can pass each other.

We made it in one piece (there and back!) and did manage to pick up Shenna. Once home everyone got on with jobs and we whiled away the afternoon doing our own pursuits.

I should note that I wore a tank top and got a tiny bit of colour while we walked the course. I think the good weather is meant to be over now though - we shall see if we get good enough weather to see the botanical gardens next week. In my conversation with Carm today I reminded him that there is only one more weekend and then I’ll be home - time has gone quickly here.

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