Saturday, February 4, 2017

sunny day at the beach

We’ve had two days of sun! It hasn’t been exactly hot as the wind has been uncharacteristically high (heavy sarcasm). But never mind, it has been lovely to see the blue sky.

Yesterday afternoon I went with Kirsten as she did her run-about: first to pick up Shenna from her new job at a tack store; secondly to pick up Nissa from school; and visit a grocery store. It was a fun trip that required a certain amount of gum to avoid getting carsick. Pretty much any trip away from home requires two sticks - one there and one back.

Today we went on a picnic to the Kapiti coast. It was about an hour drive from home, through some valleys and finally along the coast. We stopped at a lovely park where we had a picnic steps away from the beach. We were up and away from most of the wind and enjoyed our meal of pasta salad, breads, and the most amazing chocolate milk.

The path to the beach was just on the other side of the washrooms (where I almost got locked in!), and then down a sandy path. The waves were crashing and the wind roaring so there was nobody swimming, but the sign on the map said swimming is possible. Shawn wisely made us walk into the wind first - the grains of sand beat against our legs, stinging us. The sand was covered with beautiful shells - I stuck to my resolve though and didn’t pick up even one to bring home.

Eventually we’d had enough bluster and turned back. There is something about wind at your back being better than leaning into it.

It was a lovely day. It is just over a week till I’ll be heading home.

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