Friday, February 10, 2017

fish and chips

Yesterday did not end at the gardens. No, we spent a bit of time here in the afternoon enjoying the beautiful day then Kirsten and I drove back into the city to pick up Nissa from school. We scooted back here (as much as you can scoot when traversing the Macara road), giving Nissa an hour or so at home before the girls were whisked back into the city for dance.


While the girls were at dance, Kirsten and I did a bit of shopping before settling back in at the dance studio. Just before class was over Kirsten ordered up some fish and chips for us to pick up on our way home.

We had a ‘newspaper’ of chips spread out between us with a corner for our fish. It didn’t take long for our weary selves to gobble up the feast.

Today was a putzing around morning until we had to take Shenna to school (along the Takora gorge road again). On our way back home Kirsten and I stopped at a few shops then had lunch at the Karori cafe (lamb and korma pie). It was a nice treat.

Hay for the horses then nap time for me. Well, not a nap but a quiet visit over the phone with Carm. Every day I get a little more tired - I’m now at the point of near collapse (or at least it feels that way).

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