Friday, September 8, 2017


My tablet didn’t charge again last night so I’m sitting here in slight frustration using my wablet with it’s ant sized print. I’m not even using google tasks as a few weeks ago I found out a bunch of my lists had been corrupted. Since the only new factor is this darn wablet I’m being extra careful.

I had lost some lists early in the spring (after I first got this?) and carefully rebuilt them as we got ready for the Titanium rally in June. Guess what – they were all blanked out. I could have cried. I’m rebuilding them again (only on my tablet) but don’t have the same heart for it. I just hope the stuff we REALLY need gets onboard…

The weather has been autumnal, not at all like Texas and Florida with their hurricanes and 4’ of rain, but still not what I’d hoped. The pool is away for sure. I wonder a bit if I even want to go camping – being stuck in the rain trying to walk the dogs is no great hell.

We scored some lovely red peppers for a fantastic price the other day. Stupidly I just bought 4. I roasted them this morning and tucked them into the freezer so they are ready for roasted vegetable wraps.

I had forgotten my aversion for roasting peppers but as soon as I was peeling them it all came rushing back. It started years ago, Sept 11 2001 to be exact. We had been sent home early from work due to our proximity to Parliament Hill. Carm was away so I was all alone listening to reports of the devastation. I was distraught and felt so alone. Outside, the sun shone with not a cloud in the eerily empty sky; it seemed quieter than usual – maybe everyone was home with their families and not out on the roads. Inside, the TV was glued onto CNN.

Unfortunately I had some red peppers and I’m sure you can see where this is going. I stood at the kitchen counter freaked out and tears running down my face, peeling these charred bits of skin, while reports of people burning to death blared from the TV. I should have turned the TV off, but couldn’t. I was so drawn in to the horror that I couldn’t turn my head away.

Well,enough of that. This week we have devastation from Nature to occupy our thoughts.