Sunday, December 3, 2017

At sea splishn and a splashn

I don't know if you can tell or if my posts just seem wildly disjointed, but I write a few paragraphs throughout the day.

Now it is 12:30 pm - we've had our breakfast and for the first time cruising, been to the pool.

My self-self-consciousness of being in a bathing suit soon dissipated as the parade of other bathers passed by my lounge chair. We stretched out and luxuriated in the hot humid air, until eventually, we were warm enough to make the plunge. The salty water was cool and moved with the roll of the boat making us bob like buoys in the ocean. Back on deck I tried to stay out of the sun - no sunscreen on and hot Caribbean sun is not a good mix for fair skin. Lots of tanned people around - I look like beluga whale amongst all the brown bodies.

I don't know how many times we said "this is the life"!

Now we are back in the room for a short rest and to do a bit of laundry. We don't have enough clothes packed to make the whole cruise without washing a few things as the days pass.

Somehow the time between breakfast and lunch flashed by. After putzing around we dashed to Crooners to get a seat for 4 - we were meeting Lana and Peter for happy hour.

Tonight was formal night so we spent some extra time getting ready for supper. The silver dress and Carm's suit came out of the closet (none the worse for wear after their travels) and we got all dolled up.

We met Lana and Peter at 5pm for an early supper. Peter reserved a table by the window so we watched the water pass by as we enjoyed a delicious supper.

This is the line up at the dining room door :-o

After dinner we went to the theatre for a production by the Princess dancers. It was a great show. One of the numbers was a male singer singing 'Somewhere over the rainbow' in the style of that Hawaiian performer - I love that song. Shenna, I thought of you when we were watching the dancers!

Okay, I'd better end it here as I've totally lost my words and can't remember all the scintillating tidbits that I was going to share. Good night!

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