Thursday, December 28, 2017

hospital visits

Well… it has been an eventful last few days.

We made it into town for Christmas lunch with my family. The roads were treacherous, but I can count on Carm’s good driving and our Subaru to get us through the snow safely. Lunch was nice, but unfortunately Graham was in a lot of pain so didn’t join us for much of the afternoon…

Boxing day morning I got a text - Graham was in the hospital with a burst appendix :-(  It seems like it burst a few weeks ago so has had lots of time to get infected… Not a good situation. Carm dropped me off at the hospital so I could spend the day there. Same thing yesterday - he dropped me off while he and my brother Olaf went to see Star Wars. I would like to see the movie at some point, but wouldn’t have felt right leaving my mom by herself with Graham.

My mom flitted around the room, fixing this, and adjusting that. She always has lots of energy but being a mother seemed to conjure up an additional burst.

Graham came home today - I don’t know what the rest of his story will be as they still haven’t operated and I don’t even know if they will.

The weather turned on Christmas day so now instead of precipitation we have brutal cold. I believe with the wind chill it was -39C last night!!!! Yes, our thermometers go down that far. The dogs are dashing out to do their thing and barking to get back inside if we aren’t immediately opening the door for them to get back inside. I can’t remember them ever barking for that, especially Mr. Naughty who likes to linger outside. I’m glad their haircuts have grown back somewhat.

There is one good thing with the cold: it is sunny, and the sun is blazing into the house creating nice sunspots on the dog’s futon. The sunspot stretched over to the sofa so I hung out there for a while this morning :-)  See, it’s not all bad!

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
~John Steinbeck

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