Friday, December 8, 2017

Curacao our last island

Our excursion in Curacao wasn't until 1pm so we spent some time in the pool this morning. Cirque de Soleila was playing on the big screen. Since it was a port day the pool was virtually empty and we even had the hot tub to ourselves for a while.

We had a quick lunch (way too huge) and then got off the ship to look at a few little shops and get in line up for our excursion. Today's was the least interesting of our trip. 'Made in Curacao' was the theme - we went to the Curacao factory, then a micro brewery, and finally an aloe vera farm. The island is mostly flat and dry with cacti showing up around the city. The houses are colourful.

We got back to the boat in time to change for supper and meet Lana and Peter at 'our' table. The food was fantastic: goat cheese souffle, scallops in a citrus sauce, and we shared an extra plate of gnocchi, dessert was a trio of chocolate delicious bites. I'm so full. (belt buckle gets loosened one notch).

After a short rest we went to the theater for perhaps the best show of the cruise. Tom Franek was a fantastic piano player and did all sorts of tricks. Very entertaining. Oh, he has an online presence on youtube etc.

It's 11:15 am on Friday now, I'll post this without photos and add them later. We've already spent some time at the pool; Grease is playing on the big screen. Not sure that this is the right demographic, but I enjoyed it. We got to the pool at 9:30 and already most of the deck lounges were staked out. People put a towel and a few personal belongings on their chairs and then don't show up for hours. Very annoying...

As it was, we were back and forth from our chairs a few times. Heat up in the sun, dunk in the pool, repeat. The pool wasn't too busy until we left, then it was filled with bobbing bodies.

Might do some shopping now and then it will be lunch time. Tonight is formal night so we'll get dressed up again :-)

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