Monday, February 11, 2019


Glorious. Yes, glorious. That’s the word that keeps coming into my head as I look towards the pale yellow winter sun. It is a small taste of the summer soon to arrive, a little canape of rays before the main event. With no hint of wind to mar the feeling of sun on my face I braved the bit of ice on the laneway and freed the car for a run in the sun.

We had to get out, it was just too darn nice to stay in. Unfortunately our destination options for a drive in the country are few. So, we ended up at liquidation - and came out empty-handed! Then a stop at the grocery store for baby carrots and an orange. Our new favorite veggie is roasted carrots tossed with orange zest and ground coriander. Oh yes, an orange as bright as the sun. What other fruit is so perfectly coloured?

We deeked into Dollarama to browse the aisles of junk. I found what I was looking for and we carried on our way. Carm dropped me off to pick up a dozen eggrolls (what a treat) and he went to wash the salt off the car.

A very productive day - or at least a nice outing. Once home we each had two eggrolls for lunch, and froze the rest. They’ll heat up like a dream in my actifry some blustery day.

Cathey told me that she’s training her little dog to walk on the treadmill… so… with few treats in hand I got a minute or two of Spike walking at the lowest speed. We’ll get him comfortable and ratchet up the speed gradually. Maybe he won’t seem so depressed if he has something to do?

Our destiny often looks like a fruit-tree in winter. Who would think from its pitiable aspect that those rigid boughs, those rough twigs could next spring again be green, bloom, and even bear fruit? Yet we hope it, we know it.
~Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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