Friday, February 10, 2012

As Big as it Gets

Eleven am found us driving into the parking garage of the new Ikea. Right away we were impressed - it is a giant blue box. Ground floor has the parking, second floor has the warehouse and store, with the display areas set up on the third floor. Of course we got on the escalator and took the trip to the top. We took a quick peek at the restaurant (seats 400!), and then started winding our way through all the displays. There were dozens of kitchen set ups, some little apartments decorated, and then a plethora of living rooms and bedrooms. As in the old Ikea, they guide you through the store with arrows on the floor. It was slightly disorienting as I never knew how to get out of the place, in fact I felt vaguely claustrphobic. But it is a good way to see everything.

On the second floor we picked up the sheets we had come to get ($29.99 for 100% cotton king sheet set!), some candles, and even two plates (I love plates and dishes). With our stuff in hand, and our lunch appointment looming we headed for the cashes. Of course we had to wind our way through all the displays... on our way we passed at least one irate husband, cranky at having to go through the whole place...

We finally made it to the cashes and availed ourselves of one of the self check outs and made our escape. Just in time to meet Carm's old work buddies for a pub lunch. The food was terrible but the company was fun, and to their credit it wasn't total work talk. I felt so gyped at the lousy hamburger that I treated my self to a Costco ice cream... which Carm ate half of (he disagrees and says it wasn't even close to half).