Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Mayhem To Order

Aside from yesterday's trip into town to have lunch with Carm's mom I have been busily disassembling and reassembling our home (repeat several times, could be an infinite loop). Yes, I am still at it. Normally this sort of organizing frenzy indicates that I have entered the manic zone, however, this time it's not the case.

One of the blogs I read (I'm an organizing junkie) has had a "29 day challenge" for getting organized. This has gotten me motivated and since tomorrow is the day to "link up" the results I've been especially busy. I can't really believe I'm going to do this, but I'll have two posts tomorrow, one for each room that I've done. They will show the before (gulp) and after (hurray) pictures as well as general babble about the process. Online. Out there in cyberspace where anyone can look and see how messy I was. But there are PRIZES!


We did get outside for our walk this morning, but it was a hard slog as our path had blown in with snow again. I count that as double the exercise! I wish I had my camera ready as there was one point where the three dogs were running out into virgin snow. It was so pretty with the fresh snow in front of them and fluffs of snow flying in the air as they ran - okay, okay, I know it isn't pictures of summer flowers, but hey, I've gotta make do!


Big disappointment this morning :-(  We got up early to try and book our favourite campsite for our "summer vacation" but someone beat us to it!! Waaaa. We'll try again tomorrow morning for another spot (that isn't our favourite).  Maybe we will end up there in the fall for my birthday instead of hot summer days. That wouldn't be so bad.

I know some of you are laughing – like “aren’t you always on vacation now that you are retired”. Well, no. We still need vacation from our retirement!

Oh! My blog went over 10,000 reads yesterday – I find that amazing and curious. Why would anyone really want to read my psychobabble anyway?  ggskj1-small