Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is it Spring?

Rose-Tag-3-(SHOLT)The last 2 days have been well above zero, all the way up to 6C (42F)! The snow is melting and in some areas with a southern exposure the grass can even be seen. I know this is just a taste, but we could actually start getting spring in a month from now. The winter has zoomed by, with barely a peep. Sure we've had a few days of freezing rain (always when we have to go to the city), but we've only had to have the snowplow guy in once so far (touch wood).

With the warm weather the snow pack has been changing. Today the dogs seemed to like the feel of it under their feet - especially Spike as he raced around. Kabira though took a pretty spectacular face plant as she was racing back to me on a recall. She got up and dusted her self off then continued on her way. Whew - I worry about them hurting themselves when the snow gives way like that.


Speaking of recalls - I've been practicing a bit with the big dogs... Kabira is getting pretty good but boy oh boy she is going to send me flying one of these days. She comes running at TOP SPEED, right for me and then puts on the brakes right at the last second. She either stops right in front of me or goes flying by ‘cause she can't stop in time. I can only stand still, in fear, hoping that she misses me. All for a tiny piece of hotdog!

I signed up for Pintrest yesterday. I'll have to play around with it for a few days before I will be able to tell if it is useful to me or not. So far, one strike against it - it is really slow. I can't abide slow.

heart floral vintage Image GraphicsFairy010bDid y'all have a nice Valentines Day? Ours sort of sucked... I woke up in a funk and never really got over it. Take-out comfort food and mindless TV were the name of the game last night. We'll just pretend that tonight is the night. I am slightly jaded about the whole thing. Really - what's the big deal? I suppose if we had kids and needed a special night for the two of us, or maybe if we didn't spend every waking moment together it would make more sense. I can't see spending $5 on a card that gets looked at for a second then thrown in a drawer, but, we do talk about our love on a regular basis, so no one is feeling desperate for the validation. I guess I'm just a Valentines Day Scrooge! Or perhaps to me everyday is Valentines Day!

Last night we watched the first night of the Westminster Dog Show. The herding, toy, non-sporting and hound groups were judged. I love looking at dogs and really enjoy seeing all the different breeds. It is interesting to see how some breeds have "evolved" over the years - some to their ruination (to my mind anyway), while others have maintained a sound structure. The winning dogs, to my mind, were all breeds that have been ruined. The herding group was won by a German Shepard Dog - the poor dog could only move at one gait (the show gait), in all other movement it seemed almost crippled. I was sickened. There were any number of sound dogs to choose from. In the toy group the Pekinese won. Again, to my mind, a ruined breed. Hound group was won by a really long backed dachshund - I remember a day when their backs weren't so long and prone to debilitating injury. Thankfully in the non-sporting group they chose a nice Dalmatian that had lovely movement. But really they should have chosen one of the poodles! Many people think that Poodles are ridiculous, but it is only their hair cut that is funny - underneath that hair is an athletic dog.