Monday, February 20, 2012


I dragged myself out of bed late again this morning. My nights have been spent wide awake, but of course at the crack of dawn I'm sound asleep - dooh! But today I was determined to make a good day of it. One foot forward as they say.

With a coffee in hand I plopped myself in front of my computer with plans to get a proper off-site backup done. Most of our files were already on dvd/cd, I just had to add a years worth of photos and some other miscellaneous files. With Carm's help (he has the faster dvd drive), we finally have a complete set of files - including all the photos!

Now to get them offsite. When we worked, it was easy to keep a copy at our desks in town, but since quitting work last December, we have been remiss... Bad us - you would think that as IT professionals it would have been top priority. After some thought, and a little trip, the disks are safely tucked away from the house. Do you keep copies of your photos and data somewhere else?


This afternoon for a fun little game for Spike I took one of his toys down to the barn and hid it just inside the door. Once I was back at the house I let him out and told him to "find it". Once I got him on the right trail (I had just been outside going the other direction a few minutes before) he had his nose to the ground sniffing the way. Sure enough, with just one little detour past the barn to our walking trail, he made his way back and found his toy. He loves this game and seems so proud of himself when he makes the find. I looked into taking a tracking class with him, but it starts sometime in April and will conflict with camping times.  Hummm... maybe I'll find out the exact dates and see if I could fit it in. It would be good for both of us.

We had another day today that hovered around the freezing point. That's a week of temperatures that are more expected at the end of March, not mid February. The melting has worn away some of our path in the lower paddock which makes for tricky walking. But the good thing is it is more of a work out!


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