Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get some Meat on those Bones

Teapot Vintage Image GraphicsFairy4Christina came over for tea today… with a trunk full of meat and bones for our dogs. The treasure chest included heart, liver, kidneys, tail, rib bones, and some other stuff that I’m not really sure what it is but I am pretty sure the dogs will like it! Thanks Christina :-)

While I was having my visit with Christina, Carm spent his afternoon playing around with our network. We currently get our internet from Bell through WiMax, but, they are discontinuing it so we’ll have to have an HSPA hub (or some such thing). This of course means we will have new network equipment so Carm did step one in getting us configured. Something to do with LANs and WANs and renumbering our subnet to avoid a conflict with the new equipment.

skating vintage Image GraphicsFairy003

We had more melting today – I may have to start wearing my icers on our walk ‘cause it sure is getting icy out there. The laneway is one thing – we expect that, but the rest of the path is getting pretty slick too. And some of the sides have melted a bit so we are slipping and sliding right off the pathway. But you know what? I LOVE having this to complain about! I love being home and able to get outside during the day – it is wonderful.

Happy Tails Trails