Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to Camp We go!

We are here at our "regular" close to home campground for the first camp of the season. We are all set up, the first beer and snack consumed, out for a walk and onto the internet. Everything went smoothly which isn't always the case on the first outing - I think last year we forgot to disconnect from the power and antenna at home before pulling away... a few very minor repairs required. So far it seems that we've only forgotten one thing (toaster oven - it's been added to the packing list for next time). I have a spreadsheet that I fill out for each trip, it really helps.

Once we started the final load up of the camper, and Carm mentioned in passing to the dogs that we were going for a car ride to go camping the dogs were crazy! We could barely get out the door without them escaping to stand near the truck. When we managed to get out of the house without them they'd stand by the door the whole time. When we were in the house they ran between us, getting more excited by the minute. Even Grace got caught up in the excitement, whistling and whooping. Singing Hi Ho, hi ho just upped the frenzy.

Finally it was time to go. I got out Grace's carrier and she leapt onto my hand when I went to get her. She was keen! The dogs stood stock still to get their camping collars and then ran to the truck and as soon as the door was open (and they got the go ahead) they all jumped in, heads out the window, ready to roll. We did the final light check and away we went. It felt good to get onto the road.

After a short 45 minute drive we arrived at the campground to check in. The next step after driving to our site is backing in. This can be acrimonious... there have been many times when we've ended up shouting at each other - how dumb! We are not alone in this... However, today was easy peasy and we were parked and unhitched in no time. Then comes the set up: hookup electrical, unlock all doors, unload the white panels, the chairs, carpet, dog bed, unload and setup the fence, setup the bbq, setup the satellite, hookup the water, put out the slide, setup inside, take Grace's big cage out... make a snack and open beers. And finally... drink beers and eat snack. It takes us just over an hour before we are enjoying that cold beverage. Whew... and by then we deserve it. As you can see we don't exactly rough it!

We sat around for a little while getting into the camping groove and then headed out for our first walk. Not too far today, just 1 1/4 hours, it's awfully hot. We broke the walk up by stopping to visit a few people, it is nice to renew acquaintances!