Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am Blessed

This morning as soon as I walked out the door for our little walk I was blessed with the fragrant spring scent of apple blossoms. Walking down the tree lined lane way I couldn't help but realize how lucky I am. The grass was a brilliant green, the trees were covered with white and pink blossoms, the birds were singing in the trees. Don't people write poetry about times like these? I wanted to emblazon the feeling onto my soul so that I can conjure it up during darker times.


We walked both  loops this morning - the hay field, with its green grass and Norway Spruce border, it has a good view of the river as well. Then (after walking past the apple trees again) we walked the lower pond paddock. It has trees and shrubs growing in it. The chocolate trees with their rich dark bark were awash in delicate white flowers, the hawthorns were likewise adorned. Some other trees, that I don't know the names of also had some buds. Everywhere I walked I breathed in the scent of sweet flowers and growing green things. There must have been hundreds of birds, all singing their songs. The contrast from the stark days of winter makes my head reel. Oh my gosh I could go on and on.


Later in the morning we drove to the local health food store. I hadn't been there for years so wanted to see what they had. I saw lots of interesting things but only picked up a package of Kamut, a grain that is called for in some of the recipes in the new book I have. To get there we had to drive down a country lane that we don't travel very frequently. Everything looks so green and lush.


Our "big" job of the day was to put down a rubber mat underneath the washer and dryer. After emptying all the stuff out of the room, except the heavy washer (why do we have so many shoes?) we got the mat down. Carm grunted and groaned to get the washer back in place. It's a good thing he still has his young muscles :-)  We had to do a test right away to see how much the mat will help with the shake, rattle &  roll of the washer. It worked! I was surprised just how much it was quieted down.


Then we were back outside for some planting and just enjoying our property. Of course I had to wax poetic the whole time we were outside. Mother Nature breathes life back into the earth, and I think some of it was also blown back into me.

Flowers grow out of dark moments.
Corita Kent