Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I haven't been blogging very regularly... I don't know if it is because I've been obsessed with my diet/exercise program? Or maybe we just haven't been doing much. I used to be in the habit of noticing things and thinking of how I could write about them, but the habit seems to have left me -  time to refocus.


Today I’ll start with listing some idle and not so idle pleasures.  Drinking my morning smoothie - who knew something so healthy could taste so good. Getting on the treadmill has also been a pleasure these days - I find really pushing myself makes it less boring. Watching the world green up - the leaves are slowly getting bigger, so it will be "green day". I would have thought it would have already happened but we've had so much cold and rain that the green explosion has slowed down. Eating oranges - we are still enjoying mandarins or Clementines or other such orange every night. I love how brightly orange the flesh is. I can't forget how much pleasure I get from watching the birds jockeying for mates and nesting sites.


And now I can't help but get back to my obsession... we've been eating really healthily for just over  weeks now. Tons of vegetables, fruit and legumes, very little whole grains, and no dairy or meat (except when we've been out). We have strayed a little, but feel so much better when we stick with the program. The weight has just been siding off me - it is very motivating!

I’ve gotten two new recipe books: “Vive le Vegan”, and “eat, drink & be vegan”, both by Dreena Burton. I’ve been focusing on the first one and have made one recipe so far – “Sunflower Lentil Pie” (pie is used loosely, it is more of a loaf spread out into a pie plate). It was pretty good – a three star – but it wasn’t excellent. I think it was in need of a sauce, which the recipe recommends. It made enough for 2 meals so I’ll make a Dijon spread next time. I can’t really post the recipes (but if you email me I can send you something).

We've been thinking about camping, but the weather hasn't even cooperated enough to get the RV cleaned up from the winter. We haven't been able to de-winterize yet. After that teaser in March we figured we would have had our first trip out already. But no. Maybe next week?

I've been giving a lot of thought to how I can stay happy and healthy with my medication reduction. I think a few key items are taking a large dose of omega 3's (2000-4000 mg). I've been doing this by taking a supplement with fish oil, and also adding flax seed to my smoothie. There have been studies that show a direct correlation between omega 3's and mental health, especially depression.

Secondly I need to keep exercising. Again there is a direct correlation between exercise and mental health. This is easy now when I'm feeling so great, but will be harder to maintain when I'm feeling depressed. I just need to do it anyway. I'll just need to somehow MAKE myself.

The other thing I have been practicing is having a mantra. I have a couple of silly ones, gleaned from B52's lyrics  (live and let live, love and be loved, let the love flow to the top). If I can remember to chant them during times when my thoughts either provoke anxiety or other harmful thoughts, I just may be able to nip things in the bud. And I can't forget the breathing exercises. Of course all these things sound easy now... but when I’m in the thick of it I know it will be harder (and perhaps impossible). But I must try.

It is (was?) Calamity Jane’s birthday today so it fitting to include a quote by her.

By the time we reached Virginia City I was considered a remarkable good shot and a fearless rider for a girl of my age.
Calamity Jane