Wednesday, June 18, 2014

After a Night of Pouring Rain

It poured all night, I was sure that our campsite at the Bird Sanctuary would be underwater after such a deluge, but happily it is not. We were in this site last autumn for a few days, but aside from that have not camped here at all. One has to be mindful that it is a Bird Sanctuary, and harbours dozens, no hundreds of geese, before one walks barefoot in the grass :-/

Once we were all set up I did pick up a poop bag full of goose poo, so at least "most" of it is picked up inside our fence. Outside, that's another matter. NO SHOES inside the camper!!!

The site here is lovely, wide and really deep with thick grass, and large shade trees. Next time we'll park a little farther back in the site to take advantage of some late afternoon shade. There aren't very many campers here, but it is mid week, I expect it will be busy on the weekend.

One good thing about this campground is that it is very close to the Ingleside grocery store. This is important when someone buys sandwiches for us from Di Renzo (Italian delicatessen in Ottawa) but forgets that I take mayo on mine. I mean, the mayo is the whole point of the sandwich. Sure the thick layer of prosccuito is good, as is the fantastic bun, but it just ain't worth eating without mayo. A big thank you to my beloved for making the trip to the grocery store.

We haven't had mayo in the house for at least 3 years, probably more, but now that we have this special treat I'll have to make a potato salad. I have green onions and celery but nothing else to put into it - any suggestions? Would some red pepper be okay? A bit of Dijon?

We've already seen a deer, and apparently one was walking around the campsites yesterday. I'll be hanging onto those leashes tightly! We did go for a walk this afternoon, but the dogs were practically falling off their feet they were so hot, so we cut it short.

I hope that wasn't a tick that was just on me...