Thursday, June 5, 2014

The End of the Rally - many goodbyes

The sound of a diesel truck passing our site woke us up this morning. It was only 7:30 and already people were leaving. We jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and ran out to start saying our goodbyes. I will admit to feeling sad at each farewell as it will be at least a year before we see people again.

Someone asked me yesterday if Carm was an introvert or an extrovert. While the quick answer would be extrovert as he flourishes with lots of people around, I answered introvert... but it is hard to tell with him. He doesn't seem to fit fully into either description. I, on the other hand, am most definitely an introvert. While I enjoy meeting new people, and spending time with those I already know, I do need a bit of time on my own to rejuvenate.

The rain came this afternoon - after all but one couple was gone and the dogs were walked. We were quietly reading inside, so the pitter patter of rain wasn't a terrible thing, in fact it lulled us into a deeper level of relaxation (and just maybe our eyes closed for a nap).

Ribs were on our plates for supper tonight - we had to go back to Raxx for another meal of tasty meat, before we reverted back to our healthy, vegetable eating ways. After we got back from supper, Donna & Don (the remaining couple), came over for a glass of wine. We hadn't spent much time with them during the reunion so this was a great opportunity to get to know them. Isn't it wonderful when you just hit it off with someone - that's how we felt with them.

Grace is so tired after all these days of being outside, or inside with her corner window location, that she can hardly keep her eyes open. I feel a bit the same way!

Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Good-by is short and final, a word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that ties past to the future.” ― John Steinbeck