Friday, June 20, 2014

Quiet Afternoon... until...


We watched a tent camper come in just down from us early afternoon. Soon after they were set up (after taking 40 noisy minutes to blow up their air bed), a big class A arrived. The tenters rushed over - it was clear they knew them. As they stood in the middle of the camping area waving their arms around and pointing, I knew. It was a family reunion. Not long after I was proven right when another RV drove in, stopping in the middle of the road so they could get out for greetings.


I made a promise to myself at that moment that I would NOT let the noisy gathering ruin my time. I reminded myself that if I wanted peace and quiet I would stay home at our house in the middle of 30 peaceful acres. I made a pact with myself to be grateful for all the dog training opportunities this would offer me. I filled my pockets with dog treats, and my glass with lemonade.

And as it got louder and louder with just 6 people so far, I reminded myself of the promise I just made to myself.

I will admit to being a bit of a Gladys Kravitz (from Bewtiched) - I like watching (out of the corner of my eye) how people get situated, and get set up on their sites. Sometimes I learn something from their efficiency, and sometimes I am reminded that Carm and I work well together and have processes and systems in place to make us more efficient. It must be our backgrounds in computing, or was it our desire for order and efficiency lead us to our careers – either way, we are how we are. (sorry about the efficient repeat, couldn't think of a better word, and the thesaurus was no help!).

Speaking of the dogs, this morning we got complimented on how good they are by the people that were across the way from us. The dogs aren't perfect by any stretch, but it is nice to hear that they aren't bothering other campers.


On this mornings walk we saw a deer standing in a clearing. She stood at alert as we passed, giving me an opportunity to get a photo; it is taken from a distance, but I think you can see her under the tree. I also got a chance to get some photos of the geese with their goslings as we drove back into the park from having breakfast. I think that if I had stood still long enough they would have come quite close, but Carm was waiting in the truck.


I also saw some deer tracks in the mud at the very back of our site. They weren't there yesterday.

Update 5pm: 12 reunion people and counting...  But it gets better... the site behind us filled up with another group of people who also seemed to be having a reunion themselves - based on the loudness of the voices :-/  

Are we having fun yet? Sure I am. Seriously though – YES I am. I could let all this bug me, but instead I just find it funny – not something to be endured – but fodder for some funny stories someday in the future.


Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. ― Robert A. Heinlein