Friday, June 6, 2014

Wolfe Island

The dogs got a good walk this morning, although it was clear that they were starting to go snake from not being able to run loose. At the very back of the park I let Kabira have a stretch - she zigged and zagged and zoomed all over the place;  when it was her turn, Bella just wanted to bark at Kabira; and there was no way I was letting Spike loose...  that would come later in the day.

We had our coffee and breakfast while we waited for Donna & Don to get ready  to leave - we wanted to be sure to say goodbye. They were heading "home" to Buffalo today - home in quotes because they are full-timers, so home is wherever their trailer is. There were a few couples at the rally that full-time - what an adventure it must be to be able to move your house to wherever you want to go next! Carm and I sometimes talk about it, but not in a serious manner, it would be hard for us to leave our families, plus, how would we ever get rid of the mountains of stuff that we have!

After they left, we also got on our way (without our home). We've always wanted to take the ferry to Wolfe Island - today was finally the day! The dogs were excited to go for a car ride - the first destination was specifically for them - an off-leash dog park where they could run and play for a bit. They all had a grand time, and were more than happy to get back into the truck for the rest of the ride.


Unfortunately that ride was longer than expected as there was roadwork... we sat in one spot for at least 20 minutes. From where we were sitting we could see the ferry come into the harbour – sure that we were going to miss it I was getting crankier by the minute. Finally they started letting us through and we skidded up to the ramp just as they loaded the second last vehicle. We made it!


It was an easy 20 minute ride over to the island – enough time to get out of the truck and wander about to get some photos. It was interesting to see all the big windmills creating electricity. I'm not sure what people think about them now, but when it was in the planning stages people went crazy protesting. It seems to me that it would be far better to have a bunch of windmills nearby, than it would be to have a coal plant. But that's just me.

Before long we were rolling off the ferry and onto the little roads of the island. The first one took us all the way to the eastern tip. It was a beautiful drive - bucolic would be the best term to describe it. The roads would be perfect for horseback riding, and even for horse & buggy. Daydreams floated in my head as I imagined myself with a Fjordhorse as my steed.


At one point we drove up to a raccoon that was standing on the road. Not a good sign. As we slowly passed it Carm could see that it had been badly injured on one side. The true kindness would have been to back up and directly run it over. Neither of us had the stomach for that.


Once we got to the very end of the road we turned back as we wanted to see the other side of the island. More beautiful sights, often with the water of the St. Lawrence in the background. When we'd seen enough we headed back to the ferry – the next one was due in an hour, so we parked in front of a bakery and got egg salad sandwiches on the best bread I've had in a very long time. Butter tarts too ;-) Then we got in line to wait for the ferry.


Once back on the mainland we headed right back to camp, except for a quick stop for some fresh asparagus (yum! - finally a healthy meal!). We were back to our site not long past 3:30 - just in time for a bit of reading (and blog writing) in the sun.

DSCN5215A good day!


Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.

~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca