Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Photos from the Last Few Days


Not much has gone on the last few days – of course there was a Father’s Day visit to my parents, and getting ready for our next trip. As usual I have over prepared and over planned, driving myself crazy in the meantime.

We did have a short break on Monday morning to meet Ruth and John for a quick breakfast, and to relinquish Bailey back to them. It was fun having another bird, especially for Carm as Bailey is well socialized (unlike Grace).


I’ve included a couple of photos from Mom’s birthday party – not many turned out as the light was awkward – too much for a flash, not enough for crisp non-flash images.


The ‘burger’ quest continues. Today I made savoury Lentil & Mushroom burgers. They were fantastic! I’m not sure which of the several burger types is the best, so one of these days we’ll have a burger tasting, with a quarter of each try. No photos – we scarfed them down quickly!


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