Friday, June 20, 2014

Keeping my promise to myself

This morning we left the camper at more or less the same time, Carm off to play golf, me to walk the dogs. It was overcast and cool, but not so cool that I needed a jacket.  We followed our regular route - away from other campers, down a quiet road. Walking over the causeway (where yesterday's photo was taken), I heard splashing in the water. At first I thought maybe it would be otters, but no furry heads stuck themselves out of the water. Instead I saw a few big fins. It may have been a couple of giant fish mating, or spawning, not sure which. They were still there when I came back across 1/2 hour later.

Once back at the camper, I treated myself to a batch of pancakes, not made outside on a fire, but cooked in a giant cast iron skillet on the gas stove. Some bacon would have been perfect, but alas, we try not to have those sorts of things in the house (but wouldn't it go nicely in the potato salad that I have yet to make).

11:30 am - I'm outside enjoying my second cup of coffee. The sun is out, but the site is still completely shaded, the sounds of people going about their day surrounds me. Nobody is being particularly noisy, the reunion people in the tenting sites are way down at the end, there is just a murmur of conversation wafting on the wind. Behind me the people are enjoying themselves. I've just finished getting Spike to practice some of his tricks (oops, just had to practice him with another dog going by... he is getting better (only 1 bark and some whining)... but there is still work to be done).

More campers came in today, I think the park is pretty much booked up for the weekend as I believe it is Saint Jean Baptiste's weekend.

The tenters in the site next to us started arriving early afternoon - first a young couple with a little girl, then a family of four, and finally a family of 3. Generally they only allow 6 people per site, but perhaps exceptions were made for this weekend. So far they are quiet and good neighbors - I offered them our second picnic table. One thing about tenters though, they seem to have no qualms about walking through everyone else's site (which if you read the RV forums is considered very bad manners!).

Carm came back from golfing with his friend Peter - an easy lunch and barley beverages were the order of the day. Not long after it was time for Peter to head home, while Carm tilted his chair back into a snore.

Our day of excitement was hardly over yet. We had a quick snack, got into some dressier duds, and drove to the practice Dance!!!! Finally, after all these months we made it! It was a lovely time - we sat with another group of people who are beginners, we danced when the song was right. People were friendly, and even helped us with some of our steps. It was a good time and we will be sure to return often.

I came across this article on the web yesterday. I thought it was a good reminder to enjoy every moment.

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden