Friday, June 13, 2014

the rain has stopped and my afternoon of leisure has come to an end

It has been raining for the last couple of days – today it was coming down in buckets. That put a dead stop on re-provisioning the camper, as trips too and fro were out of the question…


It did let up raining for long enough to run out and snip a peony blossom to bring inside where I can bury my nose into its beauty at every opportunity. Oh, how I love peonies. Their lush, voluptuous blooms make me want to have a bed of them to recline on, perhaps while sipping a glass of icy champagne to complete the decadence. Maybe in a few years we’ll have enough! For now, perhaps I’ll float some petals in my bath tonight :-)


I mentioned the other day that we have a visitor for a few days - Bailey is an African Grey Timneh parrot owned by my good friend Ruth. He is a delight… it is funny though… a parrot mimics more than just words, they are excellent at other sounds as well. We know that Sadie (the dog), sometimes yelps from her arthritis, that someone has a bad cough, and that he misses Cato, another Timneh, and that something they have sounds exactly like our bread maker. It is a bit like a window into their daily lives.

I wonder what Grace revealed about us when she was staying with them last summer.  Probably that I burp loudly when I have a pop or beer, and goodness knows what else!

Tucked in the care package that Ruth sent along for Bailey, were two “mug rugs” that she had quilted. They are fantastic, and way too nice to be under a mug! I’ve got one hung on the wall in the kitchen; the other will find a spot of honour in the camper – thanks Ruth!


Dance class was last night – while we waited for our class to start we watched the young couple from our class, and those from the previous class, practicing. Momentarily we felt like giving up – we are just so hopeless. They moved gracefully as they learned a new step… We stuck it out, resisting our impulse to flee…

The classes have been starting at 8:30 pm, which if you know me, you’ll know that I’m almost starting to get ready for bed at that time. We won’t do that again – we are signed up for 6pm classes of Samba. Gluttons for punishment…

not much later in the day… the rain stopped and my afternoon of leisure came to an end…

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf. ~Rabindranath Tagore