Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't super-size me

Don't you hate it when you have a drawer or cupboard neatly organized and you use up one of the products and someone buys a really huge one (much too big for two people) and it doesn't fit in its designated spot anymore so you have to reorganize, but it is never quite as neat and orderly so every time you open that drawer you feel a little bit of angst over the disorder? I do.

I saw a tiny patch of grass yesterday!

Saturday evening, before supper, I sat down to watch some TV. Lasagna made with spinach and butternut squash oozed onto the screen, delectable pillows of meat tenderly wrapped in dough were quickly sautéed and then slathered with a garlicky soy sauce. Burgers stuffed with cheese that dripped out onto the flat white sheets, I mean… plate. My mouth watered with anticipation… the pornographic images burned into my brain… and tried to figure out what I could make that would assuage my lusty appetite. Simple lentil wraps were on the menu and somehow they didn't add up.  It was like having the menu changed from Jason Momoa to Jason Alexander…ohhhhh… I feel lightheaded…

I wracked my head thinking about a nearby burger place but everything good was just too far away… the lentils would have to do. And with some Franks Red Hot sauce and slices of avocado it wasn't too bad!

We watched a sweet movie that had lots of Salsa dancing in it. We might be inspired to start practicing again, or at least to talk about it.