Monday, March 23, 2015

Not Pathetic at All

Some people need the excitement of travel or eating in fancy restaurants, or maybe flying lessons or learning how to paint to make them feel fulfilled. I live a simpler life… a new vacuum did it for me today! Yesterday I finally got the cordless vacuum that I'd been wanting since before Christmas. Carm barely had a chance to bring it in the door and I had it plugged in, checked the time - it needed 24 hours for its first charge - and sat back to wait. Anticipation grew at the thought of tracking down those dust  bunnies with a vortex of air rather than an insipid broom. The hours ticked  by, the clock seeming to slow the closer we got, until VAROOOM! I was off to the races. How well would it pick up and would it hold a charge long enough for me to give the whole house a cursory pass?

It made it with some juice to spare. Granted I didn't do every square inch, but I did get the hair collecting areas. I feel like celebrating!

My mouth had a full on assault today. I was pinned down to the dentist chair with technician on one side and dentist on the other. Hands flashed in and out of my mouth and I couldn't help but think that I was going to feel it later. Don't ya hate to be right. I tried to appease my bruised orifice with an apple fritter from the bakery that makes the best fritters anywhere. It helped, albeit only temporarily.

It is sunny again today but cold. The windchill this morning was -25C. Yup. Spring. Right. While the rest of the world has suffered warmer temps than normal we've had the coldest winter ever (or so it seems). We are going to have a glorious summer, I just know it.

There is still much to appreciate on a cold day - I'm in a sun spot with dogs cuddled around me (Kabira's ear keeps flopping onto my keyboard). A different kind of relaxation is experienced in the cold - it is a forced retreat that has less 'to-do' around it; an awake hibernation.