Sunday, March 15, 2015

I felt that…

It was proven once again today that I am not crafty. I don't have the patience to work out the small details (or the big ones for that matter). I'm more interested in the end product than the process. But I had some poodle hair, and Trudie had given me some raw wool and I wanted some felt.

The instructions seemed straight forward enough, at least how I remembered them from the last time I tried to felt (note to self: re-read instructions before starting). I laid out a thin, but lumpy layer of sheeps wool in one direction, then another one in the other direction (next time comb them out instead of just laying out a lumpy mess). I topped that with some black poodle hair and then poured boiling water over the whole mess. I pounded it with an adapted sander that Trudie lent me. Then some more boiling water (remember to drain the old water first, otherwise it just overflows the countertop and makes big puddles on the floor to step in). Then I plopped some of Spikes hair in globs and started the process again. The result is one big ugly mess of hair that looks like a tiny skinned fuzzy cow. Very pretty (not).


I did learn a few things though. I'll use the slicker brush to straighten up the sheep wool and then use thinner layers. I won't use as much poodle hair and will go for more of an even tweed look (the blob look doesn’t do it for me). I think a thin layer of wool on top of everything will keep the poodle hair from frizzing as much as it does.

It is hovering around the freezing mark today and the sky is thick cloud with a whitish grey hue. It looks like the sky is one of those old bleached, grey army blankets, thick enough to smother. Precipitation in various forms materializes out of the cloud cover. It feels cold and damp. I'm grateful for a warm house and wonder how people in leaky old houses get by.


Since he had his hair cut, Spike is prancing around the house more than usual. I think he is glad to be rid of the heavy winter coat. Kabira meanwhile is still bundled in her winter outfit and shivers when we take it off for the laundry. I guess when you are 9 you feel the cold more. Bella though, doesn't seem to feel the cold, even though she is almost 10 and currently sporting a short clip.


I had to get up in the middle of the night a few nights ago - I had a craving for a super green smoothie. I needed a big influx of green. 1/2 English cucumber, 3 or 4 cups of baby spinach, 1/2 frozen banana, coconut water - all blended together in my super duper Ninja. Elixir.

The life so short, the craft so long to learn. ~Hippocrates