Thursday, March 3, 2016

an uncomfortable grimace

We got to see a draft of the video today… the videographers did a really good job putting together the audio and the b-roll background, but I will admit to squirming as I watched myself stumble over words and say the wrong thing. Some might have thought I was grinning as I watched, but it was an uncomfortable grimace that almost brought tears to my eyes - you know when you laugh but it isn't funny. Oh my, it is hard to watch myself on film…

Grace will be pleased with her appearance and the dogs should be ecstatic over their role, even Carm can be pleased.

Cathey (our friend who is the producer of the book, video and website), took Spike's old, much too small, Service Dog vest for some alterations. He is expected at the book signing party in his old uniform. Gulp. He hasn't been in public for quite a number of years, I hope we can pull this off. I wish there was a good place to practice.

Writing group was enjoyable this morning, although I will admit to having to struggle to get out of bed - when the time changes in a few weeks I'll start getting up a little earlier every day.

Here are a few pleasures in my day: waking up to the sun; going outside to scrape the truck and finding no ice; better still, Carm deciding that he'd take the truck today so I could take the car; the smell of sweet potato, red pepper and tomato soup simmering on the stove; visiting with Cathey; delicious chicken shwarma sandwiches; being outside in the late afternoon enjoying the strong sun; listening to 'I can see clearly now'.