Sunday, March 13, 2016

honking geese

The honking of geese filled the air as I opened my eyes this morning (Sunday). A slow shuffle to the kitchen for some coffee and a glance out the window confirmed it. The Canada Geese were coming back. A flock floated on the flooded creek while others flew overhead, looking for a place to land. We've had some lovely days, but there is still snow on the ground blocking the access to corn fields.

Other birds have been showing up at the feeder: a red-wing blackbird hops around the bottom of the tree the feeder is hanging from; an unknown sparrow and other winter birds vie for the seed. Robins have been sporting their red vests around the property. Spring is definitely on its way.

Carm left in the early afternoon to visit his mom, and I am SHOCKED to tell you that I didn't change the channel from CNN's Fareed Zakaria… among other things, he talked about the history of debating, the Ides of March.

It has been a busy week which is why I haven't posted anything. I can't recall when I last posted, but I'll start this tale on Wednesday when Carm and I took a short trip into town with Spike to PetSmart. Our visit went well, or as well as can be expected. His head was spinning with all the smells - he was distracted and almost overwhelmed just walking down the aisle. A few stops and starts with rewards for moving his attention onto me and we could walk down the main aisle without too much difficulty. Enter another dog and we were right back at the beginning again and had to work at getting attention. Eventually it was okay, and by that time both Spike and I were exhausted. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep focus for that long.

Thursday the writing class was cancelled as too many people had other commitments, so I met Diane for breakfast instead. The little Cafe in the village served up the best western sandwich imaginable. Diane served up interesting conversation. It was a lovely way to spend the morning.

Later on Thursday, Carm helped me get ready for our dinner guest, doing much of the preparation. Carm's an excellent 'sous chef', and I couldn't have gotten supper done without his help. Dave got lost getting here again, but eventually arrived safe and sound. We had a wonderful night, although, since Dave was Carm's WORK friend, I went to bed to escape the work talk. Come on guys! You've been retired for over 5 years - it's time to get some new interests.

Friday we went to Liquidation - more depression trying on clothes - but I tried not to focus on it. Whenever we go there I end up with anxiety - there is something about that place, either the lighting, all the piles of stuff or something else, that screws with my brain. The trip is still worth it though as Costco clothes are 50% off. We usually treat ourselves to lunch at the Country Kitchen, a greasy spoon owned by Greeks that is not far down the highway. The food is great (we had gyros), and the service is outstanding. The waitresses are always cheerful and helpful, making the lunch even more enjoyable.

Saturday was dog meat day - we raced the 45 minutes to the pickup spot; stood in line to get our 200lbs; raced back home; lugged the bags down to the basement and stuffed them in the freezer. A quick change of clothes and rush the dogs outside, and finally out the door to friends across the city. Whew. We found their place (thankyou GPS), and spent an enjoyable afternoon/evening with them before making the return trip home. The dogs were ecstatic that we were home (in time for a bathroom break and supper); Grace was saying 'are you hungry'; we were exhausted.

It feels strange, but there's no quote for today.

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