Sunday, March 27, 2016

a little bit of sugar rush

The cake wasn't even out of the oven and Carm and I were both having a sugar rush. Was it the molecules of sugar floating in the air? No, like children we clammered around the beaters and bowl to eek every last bit of pleasure from the batter. When we add the icing tomorrow, we'll be dancing around like crazed monkeys, one of us wearing a birthday hat.

Baking the cakes was a trial of patience. My oven thermometer showed it getting hotter and hotter but we were resetting the oven temp lower and lower. It turns out the thermometer probe had come off its little mount and was jammed against the door. Baking a cake is a challenge.

Saturday, the day after Good Friday, we stupidly went into the city to visit Costco. Even the overflow parking lot was a zoo. We got a shopping bag full of produce, 800 dog poo bags, and a large bag of sunflower for the birds outside. We were just going for bananas and green beans!

Our next stop was Mermaid pools. We weren't thinking clearly and had forgotten that the Spring Yard Show was on so there was only 1 salesperson. We waited patiently for our turn and then sat down for the bad news… Once that quote was in our pocket we drove to our local village pool place. The numbers were a little more friendly.

Oh… our annual trip to Presquile is not to be. We couldn't get into a site even though we tried really hard. It will be a good year to have a new pool.