Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spike's trip to town

Hi, it's Spike. I'm very tired, but I have to write to tell you about my exciting day. I thought it was going to be a regular day and that Laura and Carm would go out without me, but then Laura said we'd go for a car ride and see my Nona (that's the Italian word for grandmother). I could hardly wait to go and cried to make sure Laura didn't forget me.

After a long car ride - there were so many cars to see - we parked at a building. Carm went inside but I had to stay outside till I didn't pull on the leash so much. I could hardly wait to go inside and kept forgetting that I'm not to run ahead. We finally went inside and I couldn't believe the place. It was so big and there were lots of people sitting on sofas wanting to see me. I pulled and jumped, Laura said I was naughty and got mad at me till I remembered not to jump. I was so happy to see all those people, and they were happy to see me too. Everyone wanted a turn petting me, and they all said how handsome I was and that my hair was nice.

I got to meet Roci, a girl black poodle smaller than me that lives there, but I didn't like her much, at least at first. Maybe she's alright but I don't want to waste my time playing when I could be getting petted.

After we left Nona's place we drove so that Laura and Carm could have some lunch. I'd had lots of treats already so didn't need a snack but I didn't like staying in the car by myself - what if someone came and stole me? After Laura had finished eating she came and got me so we could go to PetSmart! Hurrah. There were so many things to see and sniff that my head was spinning. Laura kept interrupting my sniffing and we'd  have to go back and forth past the good smell until I didn't sniff anymore. I couldn't see the point of that.

One time we turned around the corner and there was a giant black dog with huge teeth that got really mad when it saw me. I was happy that Laura and I ran around the corner to get away from it. I saw some other dogs but only from a long way away.

Laura says I have to have a nap now, that I'm too tired from all the excitement.

Ever yours,

p.s. Laura says she didn’t get any pictures because I was a handful. Is that a bad thing?

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