Thursday, March 24, 2016

old winds that blew

Yesterday we woke up to a return to winter. Large flakes of snow had fallen from a quiet sky, gathering in larger and larger clumps until they formed pillows on every horizontal surface. The resulting landscape was beautiful and inspired me to go outside with my camera. The dogs ran through the snow joyfully, as excited as they are with the first snow of the season. The winter's snow had long gone, and maybe there is a special quality to Spring snow, maybe there is a temporary feel to it.

By mid afternoon all traces had melted and dried up, leaving a beautiful sunny day with brown grasses full of hope. We knew better though - the forecast for today was dire. With 10-15cm, high winds, all topped off with a glaze of freezing rain, we lived in the moment and enjoyed the day for what it was.

Tonight is the 'book release party' all the way in the city. On top of the snow, freezing rain is predicted this evening. I started getting stressed out yesterday. I'm a nervous passenger at the best of time; add precipitation and I am a wreck. I'm trying to keep positive and not think about it, and hoping that the weather system suddenly veers south so that the worst will miss us.

I'm going back in time now, seeing as I'm not keeping up with my blog. I like to read back and see what we did when so bear with me.

Saturday morning we arranged a meeting with Jo Ellen and Don. A trip to liquidation was topped off with breakfast at the Country Kitchen - their company is just what I needed. Later in the afternoon Olaf came and picked me up for a night at my parents. I stayed overnight, and Carm joined us on Sunday, after Olaf and I made a run for Cinnabon… talk about a sugar rush! Mom whipped together a roast beef dinner (how does she do that so easily? I need a step by step plan to get through making anything more than grilled cheese sandwiches).

We were extremely unproductive the next few days, but did get into the basement to wash some walls. We also went out looking at pools and got a quote from our local store. Hard to imagine swimming today with the snow being driven sideways.

So there you have it: the days march on, not so much marching but melding into one another. If you were to do a pastel picture of the week it would be a smudge of time with the colours blending so that it was one washed out colour. Or perhaps it would be an absence of colour with just a hint of grey delineating each day.

"The old
Old winds that blew
When chaos was, what do
They tell the clattered trees that I
Should weep?”
~Adelaide Crapsey

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