Wednesday, March 2, 2016

much ado about nothing

Tuesday we battened up the hatches for another winter storm, shorter this time and 'only' 25 cm of snow forecast, but thankfully on 10 ended up on the ground. I wonder where the rest ended up? Needless to say it was another snowblower day for Carm, while I cleared off the decks.

We settled in for a cosy night with neighbors Trudie & Leo, to share the evening. I actually fed them - it is usually Trudie feeding us. One of the last times they came for dinner she suggested that we have potluck in the future, and she'd bring the meat. She must have forgotten that we don't cook meat here ;-)

Saturday night we went to my parents for supper and got to see my brother, Olaf, and his family again - it is great that they live so close! My parents are over the moon happy at the opportunity to see more of their granddaughter, Freya. I'm happy to see her too. They are in the middle of trying to find a house, so that's very exciting for all of us - it makes their move real.

It is amazing that two people could do so little in 2 days that I have nothing to write about except clearing snow and what other people are doing with their lives. I could write about trying to write a story for tomorrow's WYL meeting, and how the words just didn't flow - it was hard work and I'm not happy with the result, but what am I gonna do about it. It's not like I can channel Stephen Leacock.

Our big excitement Tuesday morning was getting up at 6:40 to try to make a reservation at Presquile. We weren't lucky though so will try for another site on Saturday (better double check that as now I'm thinking it might be another day - too stunned at 7am to get the details right). In the olden days, I used to be at work by 6:40am and practically a full day's worth of work done by 7am. Those days are lost in the mist of time.

This is a terribly written post that jumps around in time like a pogo stick...