Monday, July 10, 2017

all the days with rain

I’ve read to chapter 3 in my re-read of ‘Writing Tools’. I am inspired to write, but since I haven’t been doing much other than cook and lie around, there isn’t much to write about.

Outside the kitchen window a red-wing blackbird flashed its red and yellow epaulettes as it took flight. This morning a pair of flickers foraged in the grass. They are big birds, bigger than a robin, and their spotted feathers blend with fallen leaves for perfect camouflage. A pair of robins has a nest outside the bedroom window, their chicks just barely tall enough to see out of the nest. I keep the curtains closed so we don’t disturb them.

So much life.

It is murky in the living room where I’m sitting. It’s like being deep in the forest, accentuated by leafy trees pressing against the windows. Not even a flicker of sunlight squeezes its way out of the clouds. A few drops of rain that turn into a downpour are a poor substitute for golden rays. I wish for sun as the gloom is weighing me down, leaving me feeling like Eeyore as I struggle against the impulse to go back to bed (drink coffee instead).

(note to self: I cooked the green beans and mushrooms in the Actifry last night but made the mistake of cooking the beans too long. I need to remember to cook the mushrooms for 7 minutes, then add the green beans for another 7 minutes. There is no better way to cook mushrooms.)

It’s pouring rain now. Again. Not a day has gone by without some precipitation. The farmers are going crazy about getting the hay off the fields. Ours is still standing - I’d like it gone so I can start walking in the field again… We need 3 full days without rain.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” ~Rabindranath Tagore