Thursday, July 13, 2017


I checked my watch for the third time. I had gotten to the cafe early (really early) as I didn’t want to be late and I tried to be patient as the clock slowly ticked to the meeting time. Right on time I saw two light coloured heads round the corner and appear in the doorway: Diane and Mary.

I haven’t seen either of them for months so it was a great pleasure to catch up on everyone’s news. I wondered why I hadn’t made more of an effort to get together. That’s my fault. It is sometimes difficult to overcome inertia. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction that keeps me in place.

I had barely backed the truck down the laneway when Carm returned from golf. We quickly decided on a trip to Bulk Barn for some spices. The smoked paprika was 1/10th the grocery store price so I got enough for a big jar. I’ve never used the SP but many of the recipes that I’ve been making lately call for it.

Now I’m back home and getting ready for dinner guests (Jo Ellen and Don). When I’m in cooking mode, like I have been for the past few weeks, it is easy to have company, especially if they don’t mind that the house is a bit of a wreck or that they are served vegan fare.

… the next day (Thursday)...

Note to self - don’t make a new recipe in a new appliance if you have company. There were a few times that I stood immobile looking at the two recipes while I tried to figure out what to do next. Everything took way longer than I estimated and we didn’t eat until nearly 7pm. The soup, which was a mash up of two recipes, turned out really well. There could have been more beans (1 cup dry soaked overnight), and less pasta for more of a fagioli soup. I also made zucchini and mushrooms in the actifry.

I’m reading the rules for Mahjong, over and over again, as I’m sitting with a group of friends this afternoon to see if I’m a fit. It is super complicated and I may not be smart enough.

… later in the day Thursday…

I’m home from Mahjong and my head is slightly fuzzy and I have a faint headache. It is reminiscent of my first days with my wablet. Nicole gave me a great introduction and was a patient teacher. So much to learn! I sat at the table watching for the first two games, but for the last one I was left on my own and what a mashup that was. But I survived, had fun visiting everyone, and even exercised the old noggin a bit. :-)

Then you must teach my daughter this same lesson. How to lose your innocence but not your hope. How to laugh forever.”
Amy Tam, The Joy Luck Club