Friday, July 14, 2017

the notebook

It is pouring rain… again… for the umptheeth day in a row.

I can’t say that it has affected my day much, aside from the fact that I’m not writing this from the swing.

I made a double batch of hummus this morning - double because we are going through heaps on our lunchtime pita with hummus and arugula. I didn’t use canned beans but instead used dried and cooked them for ages in the instant pot so they were nice and creamy. Of course I can’t remember how long I gave them but I think it was around 35 minutes (gotta remember to take notes next time).

I sorted through a couple of shoeboxes of pet stuff that I had on the counter and in the appliance cupboard. There was a giant pile of stuff to throw out and I was able to consolidate into one metal shoebox which looks tidy on the counter. It freed up space in the cupboard so that I can see my extra spices better.

The tidying that I did in the kitchen a few months ago was timely. I had space in the pantry for the actifry, I moved the bread maker (which we haven’t used for a few years) into another space in the pantry. The instant pot and blender/food processor fit into the appliance cupboard. The cupboards have power outlets in them so I just have to open the door, pull out the appliance and cook away. I love my kitchen.

Oh, I’m just babbling. I’m a little bit bored and don’t know where the day is going.

… a little while later…

I’ve just had a ride on the “you can’t get there from here” rollercoaster. What fun. I am just about ready to give up on technology. The “opportunity”? Installing MS Streets and Trips onto my wablet. Install - check. Run - skid to a stop. I need a product key and for the life of me I can’t find what I did with it. I can’t read it on the PC where it is already installed. It isn’t in any file on my laptop. It doesn’t seem to be in my Outlook email. I can’t believe it but it seems that I stored it NOWHERE!!!

… more time has passed…

HOLD THE BOAT! I found it! I have a little spiral bound notebook that I keep notes in. Almost anytime I write something down, or at least I used to. I got out of the habit a year or two ago, but since I never throw anything out it was still on my desk. I skimmed though it and on a page all by itself was the word ‘Streets’ followed by the key.

I found some good recipes too :-)