Friday, July 7, 2017

chained to the stove (or actifry, or instant pot)

I stare blankly at the page, willing inspiration to take control and whirr my fingers over the keyboard, creating lovely prose as each key is struck. Instead, a dull, grey haze seems to have been drawn across my eyes.

Could it be my glasses? I’ve had to go back to an older pair for reading books and screens. They are great for close-up work, but distance is another matter and things are blurry. Perhaps my brain has been blurred as well.


My new Instant Pot and Actifry have been put to good use this week. I’ve been cooking and cooking, some for immediate consumption, but some for stashing in the freezer for a quick meal. I made two kinds of bean burgers on Wednesday: lentil and black-eyed pea. I served the lentil ones with roasted potatoes and green beans to Trudie & Leo the other night. They are confirmed meat eaters but didn’t complain about the vegan menu, although they may have politely choked back the burgers.

As soon as Carm came in the house on Wednesday and announced that they were home, I was on the phone to invite them for supper. A month is a long time to be away and we did miss them.

Carm has been dieting (hence all the cooking…) and has lost well over 10 pounds so far. Me? I’ve lost 1 - where is the fairness in that!!!! Granted, he has been golfing and cutting the grass almost daily while I’ve been chained to the counter cooking, hardly moving at all.


Thursday I went to Kari’s house to pick up Meryl, my step-grandmother, for lunch. She graciously ate the lukewarm lentil soup that I served up (note to self: keep warm setting on instant pot does not keep things hot, just warm). BTW - the instant pot did a great job on the soup and it was hands free enough for me to leave it for ½ hour while I picked up Meryl.

Friday Carm  played golf again…

“There is a comfort in the strength of love; 'Twill make a thing endurable, which else would overset the brain, or break the heart.”
William Wordsworth